Thursday, January 19, 2006

First American Chronicle Piece Published

I have had a piece published at American Chronicle In the piece I attempt to explain a bit about the Green Party, our Ten Key Values, and why I think the Greens believe what most Americans believe. In short, I try to explain that we are not three eyed, blue skinned, red-eyed, free-enterprise hating, anti-family monsters. Very few, less than 39%, of us fit that description. Please note: sarcasm mode is in "on" position. To learn more about this process and what I'm hoping to do with American Chronicle, hit the "Read more!" link below...What American Chronicle has done is very smart. They are doing online what YC Magazine does physically here in York County, that is, they have most of their content written by volunteer "reporters" like me. By submitting my articles to them they get free content and I get exposure on 21 websites they own and operate.

The piece linked to at the front page is my first submission. I don't plan to reproduce here what I write there any more than I have done in the past with Chlorophyll or Green Commons, but I will put up links when appropriate.

I would encourage those of you with writing skills to contact American Chronicle and other websites that accept submissions and begin writing your take on the world. I am no expert, so obviously you don't need to be either. The point is, let's stop groaning because the media won't give us enough exposure and take it by writing our own content and having others publish it online. We have a great story to tell. Why not help tell it???

Anyway, soon I'll be back to top speed...I promise. And thanks Steve for the comments!
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Assuming that Limbaugh's listeners truly are conservatives, I think you've hit the nail on the head. Bravo! and for getting out there and submitting an article in the first place.
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