Thursday, December 22, 2005

Was it Norman Vincent Peale

who said "You can get anything you want as long as you are willing to help other people get what they want along the way." or something close to that? Either way, I believe that sentiment is right, and I've been thinking about that a bit.

William P. Kreml posted a message about the Chomsky quote from a couple of days ago, and mentioned his recent book The Twenty-First Century Left.

Known as Bill to me and other Greens, Dr. Kreml is an author of note, and a serious thinker on a variety of topics. He was also, like me, smart enough to marry someone named Nancy.

Here's my point. Bill has a book to sell, and I may have one or two folks here already who would be interested in buying a copy. How can we connect potential buyer and seller, and make a profit for the site, that is, for me, and then use that profit to grow the Green Party? And, of course, Bill's book is but one example.

Perhaps you are an artist, and have pieces you would like to sell. I would not object to posting photos and descriptions etc, and if you sell something, toss a few dollars my way. I don't want it to get all technical and stuff unless there is reason to do so.

Maybe you have some stuff for sale at eBay. Maybe there is a way for you to put a description up here of what you're selling, and if your buyer comes from here, you both could kick in a dollar or so to the site (me) for hooking you together, understanding again that I would use the money to build the party, all two dollars of it. >Grin<

A first edition book? Cheesecake recepies? Maybe your local chapter has made a cook book or a recording of pond sounds across the city. The point is, if it's decentralized and cooperative, who is harmed if willing buyer meets willing seller here and both essentially contribute a few dollars or dimes for the service of hooking the two up? I think it could work, and will be willing to get something going if anyone else thinks such an idea makes sense.

It would sort of be like a world-wide form of community based economics, excepting that the community is a cyber community.

~Scratches his chin~ Hmmm....whadda ya think?
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