Friday, January 06, 2006

Been Reading-Time to go

I seem to have set this thing up so that there is a "Read More" link, even where there is nothing more to read. I will tell you folks when there is more to read, and when there is not, so you don't go looking for something that is not there. This post does not have a "REad More" section, for example.

Jam Boi, over at Green Commons has beaten me to the punch on stories more than once, and today is no exception. He links to a story about another possible challenger in the race for Governor of Maine, with the possible inclusion of newly minted "independent" Barbara Merrill.

I know there is limited time to read online, and I appreciate every moment you do spend here. Jam Boi, kycolonel, although not much of late, Serena, Deirdre, Byron De Lear, mesoandy and others make that one blog worth your time. I know I've mentioned it before, but it's a great resource, and unlike here, includes a number of sources. I continue to contribute there and feel it's an important part of my blogging, as is Chlorophyll. I'll admit that blogging here takes more time, and may not get as wide an exposure, but to me and for now, I like the way this is working out in most ways.

OK...I'm actually gone now. Bye bye all...until tomorrow.
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