Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Close to 400 & dittoheads

Well, with about ten days under my belt, the blog is about to hit 400 visits. I have two counters at the bottom of the page, and one's almost at 400, the other just at 320, so of course I trust the one with higher numbers.

Today's the day the Yahoo! adverts are to start, so if you wound up here because you clicked thru from a search about Rush Limbaugh, welcome! I'm the "Green Rush Limbaugh", self-described I must admit, and I welcome you to my home on the Internet. Feel free to express yourself.

And now, once again, off to work I must go. Thanks for playing my friends, and more tomorrow, of course.

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About stat counters, you should try too.

They show a map of the world and put little red dots where people are, who checked out your site. It's just really neat seeing people all around the world checking out your site.
Thanks naoko. The site is linked now. I have no idea how this stuff happens, but I cut and paste and stuff happens. It's amazing to me, but then again, I don't understand how children learn to read or even walk.
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