Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Amazed and confused

Just got this from Yahoo! Guess my money wasn't green enough?

Dear Gregg,

Thank you for submitting your Sponsored Search listing request. We have
processed your request and have listed the results below.

For detailed information regarding your submission, please visit the
Editorial Status within your account

If you have Receipt IDs with pending listings, you will receive further
notification when those listings have been processed.

Account ID: 1805907500
Account Name: York County (SC) Greens

Approved Search Listings: 0
Declined Search Listings: 1
Pending Search Listings: 0

Please do not respond directly to this e-mail because we are unable to
receive e-mail responses to this address. If you would like to contact
us remember to use the Support Request Form, a link to which is found
at the bottom of nearly all pages within your account

* To assist you with getting your search listings online, we may revise
the title(s) and/or description(s) of some listings to help you to
comply with our Listing Guidelines.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Customer
Solutions using our Support Request form as noted above.

Thank you for choosing Yahoo! Search Marketing as your partner!


Your Partners at Yahoo! Search Marketing
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