Wednesday, December 21, 2005

*Slapping my forehead like the dope I am*

Leave it to me to figure the goons at Yahoo! were gathering in a closet conspiring to "Keep that Jocoy guy quiet." ~Chuckling~ Turns out, the goons just didn't like the fact that the link I submitted was broken. Those bastards!

Sorry folks. Must be the coffee. Esteban, got any of that Fair Trade stuff handy? Might calm my jangled nerves.

Anyway, here's the Google ad:
The Green Rush Limbaugh?
Blogger Gregg Jocoy takes on all
sell-out Democrats and Republicans

It's the only ad on Google when you search for "Rush Limbaugh".

The ad on Yahoo! may not show up for a day or two.

Anyway, apparently now it's appropriate to say, Greetings Rush Fans. I'm not as well stocked with staff as Mr. Limbaugh, but I'll do my best. Play nice everyone.

Lunch is over. Back to work!

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