Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Cheney to Constitution: Go to hell.

It would seem that not only oil courses through the veins of the vice president, but a desire to reshape the United States into a totalitarian system with a permanent ruling class and a permanent underclass. To accomplish these lofty goals, Cheney and friends will need to control the average person, and what better way than by creating an atmosphere of fear and intimidation?

Cheney, not a lawyer, or at least not a constitutional lawyer, has said that George Bush is authorized by the Consitution to spy on American citizens right here in the good old USA.

Here's a direct quote from the Associated Press report.

"I believe in a strong, robust executive authority and I think that the world we live in demands it," Cheney said.

Read it this way folks.

"We're in charge here, and we will do whatever we think is best, period. It's a tough world."

But the way things are likely to turn out in the long run, I think it's possible to turn out more like this.

Our friends in the business community have cooperated with your government to develop a world class protection system. Not only will this system keep us from terrorist attack, but will protect us from criminals as well. The calming system will help us all be happier and more relaxed. Fortunately, our friends have prepared this special screening to explain to you. Here, take this pill and slip on this headset. The Bush will explain. He's so kind and understanding. Now, just relax..."

GRRR.....Why aren't people angry? Why is no one standing outside the New York Times office demanding to know from every editor as they walk through the front door, "Hey, what gives you jerks the unmitigated gall to sit on this story of the shredding of the Constitution for an entire year? Just where do you get off deciding what is important for us to know. Get the damn news and REPORT IT! Protecting the President is the job of the Secret Service, Not the New York Times.

I make this prediction here and now. No one will be impeached. No one will be prosecuted. No one will go to jail. Democrats will be fine with that outcome, and everyone will say "Now aren't we glad that's been handled?"

And Greens will all know that nothing has changed, and we will begin to wonder which of our members in the FBI/CIA/NSA/local police force/Military intelligence...Hell, once the dam is broken, how to you shut the dam back again? Especially when the ones who broke the dam are still in charge?
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