Sunday, November 18, 2007

Montana Green blog

I use sitemeter to keep a bit of an idea of how many folks hit my blog, where they clicked to get here, and other similar info.

I get about a third of my hits from websearches, that is, Google, Yahoo!, Ask etc. The phrase which has gotten the MOST hits by far has been "Stephen Colbert". I suppose I could drive my numbers up by posting about the activities of celebrities, but to be honest, few celebrities interest me.

I also get about a third of my hits from folks who use the live bookmarks thingy. I use it too, a lot, to see what the "headlines" are at my favorite blogs, and read them when a new message is posted.

Finally, I get about a third of my hits from links at various locations across the internet. Whether it's putting up a link at a newspaper blog or a standing link at, the New Jersey blog, Roger Snyder's blog, OpenHeartsAndMinds blog, of any of the other wonderful folks who have chosen to link here.

A most recent link has come from the fine folks at buzztail. Living in Missoula MT and operated by a Green photographer, buzztail is now on my l;ist of blogs to watch. Check 'em out!
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I appreciate the words Gregg. I read your blog regularly and think you offer much to pass on to others. Thanks, keep up the good work, and keep in touch.
OK...I bookmarked it...I have to admit that it was refreshing to read a post (the mountain goats) that went beyond politics, and was about what we are all fighting for...
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