Sunday, November 18, 2007

What is "green"?

Can a gasoline guzzling automobile be green? What is it's built out of recycled soda cans and old socks? Is a store paying minimum wages green if they sell fair trade goods?

Perhaps the best example I have seen today of this sort of question is, can a 3200 square foot house on 2.6 acres miles from anywhere be "green"? At 1.1 million and no apparent buyers, the simple answer appears to be "I sure hope not!"

Back a few years ago I heard the term "lemon socialism". The idea was, run a company into the ground, sell it off to the workers, and laugh as they try to sustain life in a company which has been starved to death, and then blame "socialism" for their failure.

This sort of "lemon greenness" cannot be allowed to define what is truly green. Homes built with green materials with poorly paid labor in unsustainable ways on land too remote to live on is not green.

Thanks go to Vigorous North for stimulating this rant, but isn't it true? Aren't you getting sick and tired of all these corporate types "selling" greenness?

Is there a temple somewhere where we can drive the traders from the floor for degrading God's house?
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Agreed. It's too easy to hide a lot of ugly behind the term 'green'. It's kind of like 'clean coal' -- it sounds good but means nothing. BTW, I may want to steal that term lemon greenness someday.
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