Sunday, July 15, 2007

GravyTrain Media covers Greens

These are just a few of the latest tidbits.

Nader protests DC library plan

IL Greens get better deal than independents, but only because Rich Whitney's race for Gov. made them a "major party". Congrats to Whitney and the ILGP.

20% of Peace Voters want to vote Green. Of course, being a part of the GravyTrain Media means that we Greens are part of the Democratic Party's "natural supporters". Ugh!

The Democratic Party never was, never will be a pro-peace party. Republicans got nothing on Democrats when it comes to killing poor people to make rich people even richer.

And finally, for now at least, here's one from Tuscon. It says that Dave Croteau will be running for mayor of his city. He's on the ballot now. Sure hope he wins!
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