Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Delegate Apportionment Committee

This committee was constituted to implement the formula approved by the Green National Committee to re-allocate and expand the Green National Committee. While I seriously doubt that expanding the size of the institution will do anyone any good, the Apportionment Committee, or APP com, has begun to take data from the various states and input it into the formula. The committee is unable to address any unintended consequences, because it's only role is to plug in the data. I am sure, however, that the committee will bring any serious swings to the attention of the GNC so it can be addressed later.

As with the Delegate Apportionment Committee in 2004, the APP com will play a substantial role in implementing the decisions of the GNC, but they can't work without good data. For example, last time I saw a spread sheet, the results of all South Carolina's 2006 campaigns was not in the mix. The committee cannot be expected to chase down this information. My state, like all the rest, have been asked for the pertinent information by at least one member of the APP com. If you think your state may not be included in the formula, ask your state delegate if s/he has gotten the info to the right people.

Nothing behind the "Read more!" on this one.
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