Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Want to go to the Green National Committee, but got no bucks?

If you qualify, you can have your expenses partially covered by the party. The Diversity Committee has put together a form to fill out and send to them. If you are interested, all you need do is hit the "Read more!" link below...

2007 Diversity Committee Waiver Application

This is an application for a waiver/scholarship to attend the Green Party of The United States Annual National Meeting in Reading, Pennsylvania. The Diversity Committee has been allocated up to 15 waivers for registration and meals to assist individuals who are low income and who represent communities that are traditionally disenfranchised.

The Scholarship process and applications are confidential, and information about each applicant will be shared only for the purposes of assigning scholarships, and only with the Scholarship Sub-Committee and people designated by the Steering Committee to allocate funds.

Applications should be e-mailed to: divcomscholarship@yahoogroups.com. Once you have sent the application, if you do not receive a response within 2 days, please resend or contact a member of the Scholarship Sub-Committee.

Applications are due on May 13th, 2007. The Diversity Committee Scholarship Sub-Committee will notify applicants no later than May 28th, 2007.

Diversity Committee Scholarship Application Form


Street Address:

City, State, Zip:

State Party:

Caucus Membership (if any):

GPUS Committees (if any):

What community/ies do you represent that make you eligible for the grant?:

Please list your green activism or Green Party work. You may include positions within the Green Party, including caucuses, committees, your state, or the GP-US National Committee:

How would attending this Conference impact the work you do in the local and/or
larger arenas? Please be specific:

Have you applied for a scholarship for the Reading, PA meeting through any other Green Party caucus or through your state Green Party? (Applicants are encouraged to apply to their state Green Party): ( ) yes ( ) no

Have you previously attended a Green Party national meeting? ( ) yes ( )no

Have you previously applied for a GP-US Diversity Committee Scholarship? . ( ) yes ( ) no

Have you previously received a GP-US Diversity Committee Scholarship?
(Priority will be given to people who have not received this scholarship
in the past.) ( ) yes ( ) no

The Scholarship Committee will prioritize scholarships related to people's
financial need. The only information that will be considered is the information . you volunteer below:

Please describe any special financial concerns/needs you have which might make it difficult for you to afford the expenses of attending the GP-US National Meeting:

Please check off any of the following boxes which apply to you and which you feel comfortable stating to the committee:

___ Low-income
___ Income interrupted or low due to a disability
___ Temporarily unemployed
___ Current financial hardships such as healthcare bills; family crisis; extraordinary bills or debts."

Are you requesting a waiver for:
Registration: ( ) Meals: ( ) Both: ( )

If requesting lunch waivers, please fill out:

Select what days you will be attending
(chose all that apply):
Friday ( ) Saturday ( ) Sunday ( )

Diet (choose only one):
Omnivore ( ) Vegetarian ( ) Vegan ( )

Special Dietary Needs (if any):

End of application form.

Scholarship Protocols

Intention: It is the intention of this document to set protocols for the awarding of scholarships to the National Conference to inform both scholarship applicants, scholarship evaluators and the Green Party as a whole of our intention and process. These protocols are established,keeping core Green values in mind, as well as the principles of fairness and democracy.

Statement of Purpose: As the Scholarship Sub-Committee of the Diversity Committee, it is our responsibility to clarify and evaluate the awarding of scholarships with the intention of broadening the diversity of our party, increasing involvement and helping to develop leadership in our local, regional and national arenas.

Protocols: The following categories are areas that will be evaluated by the Scholarship Committee:

Need - The need of applicants for a scholarship will comprise 40% of the evaluative process. It is our expectation that people who have the means to travel will do so on their own.

Diversity - The diversity of applicants will comprise 40% of the > evaluative process. Our major focus as a diversity committee is to bring more communities and representation into the process. We address diversity in the broadest spectrum possible.

We are talking about different ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identities, people with disabilities, Immigrants, HIV positive people and people who struggle with poverty, to name just a few categories.

Involvement - The involvement of applicants will comprise 20% of the evaluative process. We are talking about people who are active in their community on some level. It may mean involvement with GPUS, but we want to look at people who want to deepen their commitment and work with us.

A priority will be given to applicants who have not been awarded a scholarship in the past.

We hope these protocols are received in the spirit of cooperation and fairness. We are a grass roots movement and this process gives every applicant an equal opportunity to this opportunity. May this effort help grow our movement.

GPUS Diversity Committee Scholarship Sub-Committee

Send applications to: divcomscholarship@yahoogroups.com.
(divcomscholarships at yahoogroups.com)
You may also use that same e-mail to contact the committee:

Note: For more information about the Annual National Meeting in Reading, PA, or for regular registration to the meeting, please go to: www.gpanc.org.
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