Monday, April 16, 2007

Proposal 272 may go down tonight.

With only the west still pre-midnight, voting has almost assuredly coming to an end.

One delegate changed a vote from YES to ABSTAIN, but the delegate might as well voted NO. By remaining in the pool of votes cast, they increase the number of YES votes to stay above a super-majority.

At this moment, the vote is:
YES - 73
NO - 35

73+35+3 = 111
73/111 = .657...does that round up?

Or, is the math supposed to be 73/108 (111-3 ABSTAIN=108)

Again, the threshold is .66, so....

I'm not sure how many delegates there are left who have *not* voted yet, so I don't know that will happen tonight, but I'm going to bed.
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