Friday, April 13, 2007

Jason West questions

Bob wrote a response to an earlier message, and I took some time to look up more information.

These Letters to the Editor include several which are critical of Mayor West.

This article covers the village budget and some other issues. Apparently Mayor West suggested a doubling of elected officer's sallaries, raising his to $25,000. Anyone who thinks that $25,000 is out of line doesn't know how muct time it could take to properly tend to the business of the Village.

The problem, at least in part, seems to be that he asked a committee to develop plans for how best to govern the village, and some folks believe that he never intended to use their recomendations, but had already made up his mind.

I have absolutely no idea if Jason has done anything at all wrong. I do know that when my wife asks me "Should I buy a new skirt?" and I say "Yes" but she doesn't buy it, I feel like "Why did you even ask?". Somehow I can't help wondering if something like that has happened there in New Paltz.

Even so, as a Green who does not live in New Paltz, I hope that Jason wins, and that his second term will be noted for his maturing into a super effective and perfectly principled representative.
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