Thursday, April 12, 2007

Another message Greens must read

TCP: Imagine a disenfranchised young person asks you what exactly he or she can actually do to make a difference right now. What do you say?

Brown: At this moment, I'm urging people to get involved in the political process and vote. We can be AIDS workers or homeless workers all day long -- I know plenty of people who are doing great work in certain communities -- but it's not changing the dynamic that has created homelessness, the isolation of severely disabled people, the poverty that causes people to sell drugs, and so on. Given the circumstances and what we have to work with, the best thing to do is to get involved in the political process under the banner of an existing political party, and there's only one out there that has the machinery in place at this moment. I could start another party, and there's a million others out there, but they're not on the ballot in twenty-some states. The Green Party is, and it can be made to live up to its own ideals.

The above is from an interview with Elaine Brown. Ms. Brown has announced her campaign for the Green Party nomination for President. In the quoted article, an interview with the candidate, the Toledo City Paper article gives me lots of reasons to support her campaign. While it's clearly way too early to endorse any particular candidate, Ms. Brown says a lot of things that attract me, and her focus on organizing the poor of all races has the potential to dramatically alter the Green Party.

I need to know more about her environmental record, but I will be surprised if it's not at least as good as any corporate candidate running.

You really should hit the link above to read the full article. She impresses me. Nothing behind the "Read more!" link on this one.
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