Saturday, February 17, 2007

Should the Green Party accept corporate donations?

A delegate from the Green Party in California says in a note to the Green National Committee
I think it's time to revisit and redefine this issue. We want to welcome coalitions and those who can help us with inkind donations - the caveat behind corporate donations at the majors is INFLUENCE.

If companies already have policies and intentions close to the GP, then I believe we should accept their help.

also considering our financial situation, and the realities of a REAL national political party, I think this issue and policy needs revamping. We cannot be simply grassroots, if we're to be recognized on the national stage.

Is the delegate right? Has the time come for the USGP to accept help from like-minded corporations, or should we refuse to accept legal corporate donations? What about other organizations? Should a partnership be allowed to give, like a law firm or a small local business? How about a company owned by one person but employing many others? What about unions, coalitions, non-profits or foundations?
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No I don't think we should consider taking any corporate contributions. We need to stick to our principles. Have those corporations encourage their employees to donate individually, but no not from the corporation. I know the challenge to compete with the two other parties money-wise is daunting, but I don't think we will be able to hold those corporate donors fully accountable no matter how "green" they are.
Hey Greencutip. I posted a reply to your blog, and wanted to leave more details here for you and others, but the darn system does not seem to be publishing my comments. I may have to just make a new post.
Well, OK, now it seems to be working.

Here is the text that the delegate was concerned about, taken from the National Meeting website:
The following highlights will be expanded on soon, including a vendor and exhibitor page. We are obtaining special bonuses and welcome gifts for our attendees.

Among the ones already arranged are...

green business support

Volunteer DJ for a dance or social provided by OCCASIONS Disc Jockeys

green business contribution

Free 15 minute massage

green opportunity

Diane White will offer Underground Railroad events

green business

Guest Speaker, Tom Davidock, elected Green from Port Clinton, PA

business community support
5-pack of recycled paper greeting cards from Cards By Bo

green business support
There will be a concert on Saturday night

Given the facts of the Green Party at the moment, that is, no budget, discontent over state sharing, unhappiness over the "Utah situation" and an ill-functioning delegate allocation scheme, it seems a bit like a distraction to tell the local committee holding the national committee meeting how to set every detail. Can't we freaking trust someone once in a while?
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