Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Report on ongoing peace vigils in Rock Hill, SC

The York County (SC) Greens continues to sponsor anti-war vigils each week at the corner of Eden Terrace and Oakland Avenue in Rock Hill, SC. Held from Noon to 1 PM, the vigil last Saturday drew 11 people into the chilly breeze to call for peace.

We got a visit from one of Winthrop's finest, and I think we were able to reach an understanding. Most were returning vigilers, but three were new. One was a high school student from Northwestern. One was a student from Winthrop University, and one was a local Green who has not been free until now to attend.

She, Liz Anderson, wrote a letter to the editor, which ran in today's paper, encouraging the public to join us. Our protests have been the subject of several letters to the editor, and so far not one reporter has shown up to cover us.
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