Sunday, February 11, 2007

Nader on Daily Show

Personally, I want us to run a presidential candidate who can get on TV, and not just C-Span. Here is a link to Ralph Nader on the daily show. You'll have to tolerate the ads to watch the three part video, but it's worth it.

I would prefer to run someone other than Ralph, but somehow I think we would do well to run someone Ralph could support. I am not sure who that might be, but again, for me I think it should be someone who can help us accomplish legitimate goals, and getting on TV to promote the party is a must to me.

I will say this. Even though I assume Ralph is aware of the silly infighting and arguments over issues that only matter to those who are on the Green National Committee, trying to take or protect "power" none of us really has, he said basically good things about the Green Party, supported our positions on issues, and said our name more than once. I appreciate that, and Ralph, very much.
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