Sunday, February 11, 2007

George Washington University report on Green Prez choices

By clicking here you will be taken to a page at a website hosted by George Washington University which covers some of the names of potential candidates for our Presidential nomination. The list includes Elaine Brown, who is apparently serious about seeking the Green Party nomination. Ms. Brown was the one time chair of the Black Panther Party.

Additionally, Matt Gonzalez was listed as a potential candidate. His service in elective office in San Francisco and his agonizingly close loss in his race for Mayor of San Francisco encourages many Greens I am sure.

Nan Garrett has apparently decided not to run, or so the rumor goes. Kat Swift of Texas is in the race for sure. Rebecca Rotzler, also an elected Green as Deputy Mayor of New Paltz, is the subject of a draft, and Medea Benjamin of Code Pink and Global Exchange are suggested as is former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. With Pat LaMarche, former Veep nominee and recent Maine Independent Green Party nominee for Governor, filling out the list of women, the list of men is far shorter.

In addition to Matt Gonzalez, Kent Mesplay may seek the party nomination. He did so first in 2004, losing to David Cobb. Rich Whitney, who garnered over 10% in his race for Governor of IL, is also mentioned. If he could do nation wide what he did in IL, we would in fact be on the map for a long time to come.

Both Cobb, the 2004 party standardbearer and Nader's 2004 running mate and two time California Green nominee for Governor, Peter Camejo have said that they will not seek the party nomination in 2008.
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