Monday, February 19, 2007

Can someone do a Wiki?

There are some certain issues that lend themselves to individual effort. I believe in committees of one person when they are tasked with very specific goals and they have a reputation for performing their task.

But some issues require a blend of ideas and are by their very nature more complicated. For these issues, such as creating a fundraising plan for the party, I wonder if using a Wiki might not be more appropriate. For example, if I set up a Wiki and put up a list of what I think are the components of a good fundraising plan, others could come in and add to, delete from, or change the proposal to reflect their best thinking, and after twenty or thirty folks had looked the outline over, we could begin to fill in the points, again changing them over and over again until each has been approved by a large group of Greens. Once this is accomplished, we take a look at the overall picture that results, subject it to "blocking concerns", and we have a consensus document and plan for the GNC to evaluate and improve on.

Can anyone do that out there in the Green netroots community make that happen? Is it even a good idea?

Nothing behind the "Read more!" link on this one folks.
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