Monday, February 19, 2007

21 states not responding to survey request

According to Phil Huckleberry of IL, the following 21 state parties have not submitted answers to a national questionaire:
New Mexico
North Carolina

What is the purpose of this questionaire? Should it matter to you if your state is not represented in the survey results? Take a look behind the "Read more!" link and you'll see the full questionaire. Why not answer it yourself and send the answers to your state delegation if no one from your state has done so yet? If they don't pass the answers along, maybe you'll kick start them into action. If not, send ytour answers to Phil, and maybe they can still use the info. Again, for the text of the questionaire, click the "Read more!" link...


This questionnaire has been prepared based on the input of three standing committees Coordinated Campaign Committee (CCC), Presidential Campaign Support Committee (PCSC), and Ballot Access Committee (BAC) and GPUS staff. Our intention is to use the information gathered in this questionnaire to update party records and to provide the basis for much of our campaign work through the 2008 election cycle.

IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that state parties return this questionnaire as soon as is feasible, and as thoroughly as is possible. It is understood that it may require the input of several people to answer all of the questions, and so we understand that it may take some time to get all of the questionnaires back. Still, we must ask that the state parties please make a top priority of returning this questionnaire.

Members of the PCSC are intending to follow up with state parties shortly after the
questionnaire is circulated by email.

Initially this questionnaire will be sent on the National Committee list to the delegates from the various states. In some cases, the delegates may be able to handle the questionnaire themselves. In other cases, it will be officers of the state party; and in some cases, it will require a group of people working together. Delegates, we ask that you please forward this message immediately upon receipt to any relevant individuals or groups within your state party.

As you will see from the questions asked, this information will largely provide the basis for much of our electoral work in 2007, especially regarding ballot access and aspects of early presidential campaign support. There is a common belief that one of the biggest failings from the 2004 election cycle was the lack of information about state party processes and the lack of communication between state parties and GPUS. We believe that this questionnaire will go a long way to opening those lanes of communication.


Some of the questions may not seem relevant to your state party, or may seem like commonly known information. Please consider the questionnaire as serving the purpose not only of informing our electoral committees and staff today, but also as providing vitally necessary institutional memory into the future, and answer all questions that can be answered. If a question does not at all apply to your state party, please specify as much.

For each question asking for a name of a person, please include appropriate contact information especially email and phone so we can have an up to date contact list available.

For ease of reading, we ask that you either copy and paste the text of the questionnaire into a separate file and then copy and paste back into a fresh email, or attach a clean file to an email, rather than hitting reply and leaving in reply marks. The questionnaire is available in both .txt and .rtf format upon request from Phil Huckelberry (

PLEASE RETURN THE QUESTIONNAIRE BY WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 14, by emailing your completed questionnaire, either in the body of a message or as an attachment, to all four of the following individuals:

Emily Citkowski ( GPUS Operations Director
Brent McMillan ( GPUS Political Director
Greg Gerritt ( Co-Chair, CCC
Phil Huckelberry ( Co-Chair, PCSC & BAC

If at any time you have any questions or need any clarification, please contact Phil Huckelberry.


What is the formal name of your state party? (e.g. Green Party of California, Illinois Green Party, etc.)

What is the formal contact address and phone number for your state party; is the phone number a party office, a voicemail line, or a private phone belonging to a member of the party; and, if not a PO Box, is the contact address a party office or a home address for a member of the party?

What is the best way to route phone calls for general inquiries and volunteers to your state?

What is the URL of your state party's website, and what is the contact email address for general questions?

Does your state party maintain a list of local contacts online?

Does your party have compensated staff and/or contractors; and, if so, who are they and what are their titles?

Who are the officers of your state party, potentially including, but not limited to, co-chairs, secretary, treasurer?

Besides staff, contractors, and officers, most state parties have key people in roles such as media coordinator, fundraising coordinator, membership coordinator, outreach coordinator, webmaster, and potentially several others. Who are your other key people in such roles and what are their titles?

Who are the current members of your state party's delegation to the Green National Committee (including alternates)?

To whom in your state party should questions be directed regarding the status of members of your state's GNC delegation and representatives from your state to various GPUS committees?

To whom in your state party should volunteer information be sent?

To whom in your state party should Green Party Card information be sent?

To whom in your state party should donation sharing information be sent?

To where should state sharing checks be sent?

Does your state party have a standing order for Green Pages?

To where should Green Pages bundles be sent?

To where should invoices for Green Pages and other merchandise be sent?


The Ballot Access Committee (BAC) exists to promote Green Party organizations' and candidates' efforts to attain petition signature goals, reduce excessive petition signature requirements, help state parties attain and retain ballot access where possible, and promote fair ballot access laws.

Who in your state party is the primary contact for questions regarding ballot access?

Does your state party currently have a guaranteed ballot line for 2008? If so, how was the ballot line secured?

If your state party does not have a ballot line for 2008, what will be required to secure this ballot line? Include all known information, including but not limited to: alternative ballot access methods; signature requirements; signature deadlines.

Will your state party be participating in a state-administered primary election in 2008, and if so, on what date?

Often state parties facing high signature requirements look to neighboring states for help collecting signatures. Would your state party be able to recruit volunteers to visit neighboring states to help on signature drives?


The Coordinated Campaign Committee (CCC) is a standing committee consisting of ten elected members which cooperates with state and local chapters in the support of federal, state, and local Green Party electoral campaigns. See for more information on the committee's activities.

One of the CCC's projects is to assist state parties in conducting regional campaign schools where experienced Greens can lead seminars on aspects of running campaigns, recruiting candidates, etc.

Is your state party interested in hosting a regional campaign school?

Does your state party have a campaign committee, candidates committees, or something similar, and if so, who are the contacts and what is the function of the group?

Does your state party actively recruit local candidates?

Does your state party need some help in figuring out how to recruit candidates?


The Presidential Campaign Support Committee (PCSC) is the committee of GPUS that, among other things, coordinates communication with Green presidential candidates. It also serves as a communications point regarding the presidential campaign for other committees and for state parties and caucuses. Among its other delineated tasks, the PCSC is responsible for some aspects of helping state parties through the preference/nomination process.

In April 2006, the Green National Committee approved by a wide margin a resolution declaring GPUS's intention to "run electoral campaigns full out… including running in all states possible as actively and as eagerly as possible, running on all Green Party ballot lines possible, participating in Green Party primary elections wherever possible, and running for all levels of public office for which the party is able to find credible candidates to run as Greens and sustain Green Party campaigns." Based on this mandate, PCSC is working to assemble the information necessary to follow through on the party's commitment to running a "full out" campaign for President in 2008.

PCSC would like to have a list of Initial Points of Contact (IPCs) in each state - the people within a state party that prospective presidential candidates would first approach with questions about ballot requirements for the state, etc.

Who in your state party will be the Initial Point of Contact?

If your state has a candidates/campaign committee, does its scope include the presidential campaign? Or does your state have a separate group in place to deal specifically with the presidential campaign, and if so, who are the contacts and what is the function of the group?

The PCSC is also compiling information about the primary/preference processes that will be used in each state for the 2008 nomination process. It is understood that some state parties will not have answers for several of these questions at this time, and it is important to know this as well.

What process will your state party use to poll its membership on their preference for a presidential nominee?

What process will your state party use to select its convention delegation?

What process will your state party use for directing its delegation as to how to vote at the national convention?

In 2004 several state parties expressed that they really did not know what sort of process they should be using and as a result several states used somewhat arbitrary processes. In some cases the preference vote took place at a state convention and the processes were not even approved until that state convention, not only giving candidates but even state party members no advance notice as to what methods would be employed. Would your state party like assistance from PCSC in developing the above processes?

In a best-case scenario, what would your start party be able and willing to do to support the presidential ticket?

Based on an evaluation of the current strength and sentiment within your state party, what is your state party likely to be able and willing to do to support the presidential ticket?

What kinds of resources that GPUS might be able to provide would enhance the ability of your state party to support the presidential ticket?

Are there any specific factors unique to your state or state party that PCSC should be aware of? Examples might include: availability of ballot line fusion, internal state party rules governing disposition of ballot lines, highly unusual statutory procedures and/or paperwork requirements relative to ballot lines, etc.
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