Wednesday, January 25, 2006

In the News

Those silly Greens, going off to distant lands to try to learn from poor people. How silly is that, eh?

Well, according to a Green Party Press Release, that's exactly what's happened. Not only that, but Greens in Wisconsin wrote a Letter to the Editor of Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle. Wanna know a bit more? Hit the "Read more!" link...In the first case, at least five members of the US GP are in Caracas, Venezuela attending the World Social Forum. Peter Camejo, who was born in Venezuela, attended as did Ben Manski. George Martin, James M. Leas and Patrick Barrett rounded out the list of Greens known to be in attendance.

In the second case, Wisconsin Greens wrote to the Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle to explain the Green Party position on divestment from companies doing business in Israel.

Personally I believe it's a very principled position, and one I understand and agree with. Regardless of the faith of the person we are talking with, the Green position is one I can comfortably defend. I won't deny that it makes it harder to communicate with some folks, and win them over to our side, but if that were all we were after, we would promise the moon and deliver hell on earth...just like Democrats and Republicans.
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