Tuesday, January 24, 2006

National Committee to be Very Busy Soon!

The national party website lists several issues before the National Committee In addition to the "housekeeping" issues that relate to the Delegate Apportionment Committee and the co-chair election I mentioned earlier, they are considering endorsing a letter from Cold Mountain River Watch Your personal signature can be offered by clicking the "Mountain Top Removal Petition" link at the very top of the page. To learn about the rest of the actions at the NC, click the "Read more!" link...An amendment to the bylaws is proposed. The amendment is about recalling members of the Steering Committee Steve Kramer is the Floor Manager.

There is also a proposal to approve "Forum Managers". These "Forum Managers" are called for in Proposal 186, which deals with
A high volume of posts, as well as the frequent personal attacks, gratuitous vulgarity and inflammatory nature of many posts on the Natlcomvotes and Natlcomaffairs list serves have contributed to alienation of and resignation by GPUS NC members. NC Delegates from many states have requested that usage guidelines be established.

Finally, a decision is apparently ready to be made about where to host the 2006 national convention. Am I the only person who wonders if we aren't putting too many resources in annual meetings? Is there a magic number I'm missing? Why not every 18 months, or every two years with regional meetings in the in-between years?

But, that's just my opinion.
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Sorry to correct you, but that would be the Coal River Mountain Watch. My state is the sponsor, as we too have an Appalachian portion of the state which borders on West Virginia, whose Green Party has not been accredited by the GPUS just yet.
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