Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Info From the Inside

A while back, three years I think, a group of us worked successfully to block a gas fired merchant power plant from being built. Greens are involved in similar David V Goliath battles with energy hustlers, and it's only going to get worse.

One of the things I learned doing battle with Calpine was that industry newsletters are created not to promote the industry, but to generate profits for their publishers. They need subscribers, and they don't care if you are pro or anti industry.

To find out how to use industry newsletters to fight industry, hit the "Read more!" link...Basically, all industries have one or more "Bibles" of their business. I distribute fasteners. In my field it's the Distributor's Link. In paint it's The Coatings Journal. In Hotels it's Hotels Today By the way, I made up the last two.

In energy, one of these "Bibles" is Energy Central

In two articles, industry "insiders" write about The Future Development of Small-scale Power Generation and also discuss China's Three Gorges dam developer switches to coal

Both of these are articles Greens could benefit from reading, especially if they are under assault from a power plant or transmission lines.

But other "Industry Journals" will give you similar information. Plans to build a self-storage unit right on the water? Read the industry newsletters to find out what's going on in that industry if you want to win.

Which begs the question...do we want to win. Sometimes I wonder if all the in-fighting isn't a form of mass self-destructiveness.
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