Tuesday, January 24, 2006


A friend used to close her email with a quote from Nina Hartley. I can't remember it exactly, but in general it said something like "Communism seems pretty good to me, but I could accept socialism." or something such as that.

For those who don't know, Nina Hartley is a prominent feminist porn star, with credentials in the non-porn field that include testimony before the California legislature, lobbying at the state and national level on first amendment issues, and teaching a course over many years in the San Francisco area. She lives in Los Angles today, and is, in my opinion, an clear and positive voice for progressive values. She's a nurse to boot!

Her website is where I first began blogging, and I found the forum titled ""Off Topic" to be a treasure trove of ideas and interesting opinions. I don't agree with all that I've found there, but often the discussions are very well thought out.

One of the current threads is "Why is there no mass based Left party in the United States.", and there are 16 replies to the first post. To read the thread you can click the link, but be forewarned, if forewarning is called for. Some of the avitars used by the people who post there are a smidge risque. I can't imagine anyone being offended, but if you are the sort who does get offended by sexual expression, don't go there. *smile* You have to register to reply, and if you do register to reply, please be sure to read this first It's just basic "Don't be a jackass on our forum" statement, and very fair minded if you ask me.

The thread is right here
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