Thursday, October 18, 2007

DuPage IL Green announces for office!

Ya see, once we get on the ballot and show that we are not flukes, as Rich Whitney's campaign in IL did, folks decide that working with Democrats and Republicans is a waste of time that could be better invested working with we Greens. William Edgar knows this, and that is why he is running for office. To get all the details just click the "Read more! link at the bottom of this post.

For Immediate Release

Contact: William Edgar
DuPage County Green Party

Patrick Kelly, Media Coordinator
Illinois Green Party

William Edgar announces historic first run for Green Party

Wheaton, IL - William Edgar of Wheaton has declared his candidacy for DuPage County Board as a Green Party candidate. He becomes the first declared DuPage County Board candidate for the newly established Green Party.

"I am seeking public office to bring financial responsibility back to government, strengthen our security and infrastructure for future generations, revitalize local business, and prioritize assistance to government agencies affecting the neediest citizens," says Edgar.

Edgar believes in embracing the DuPage County mission statement, that our communities will always be desirable places to live, work, and raise families by providing innovative, cost-effective services, promoting a high quality of life for all residents, and act as a leader with local and regional partners in anticipating issues and developing solutions.

A nine-year Wheaton resident, Edgar is married with three young daughters, including one with a form of autism called Asperger's Syndrome. "We recently learned that our child has autism," says Edgar. "Although it is difficult at times, she is a true blessing."

Edgar is a ten-year stakeholder in a local Wheaton information technology consulting and staffing business and is currently the company president. He is also co-chair of the DuPage County Green Party.

As a member of the County Board, Edgar pledges to:

- Protect taxpayers through fiscal responsibility

- Advocate for incentives for builders to incorporate sustainable architecture into new buildings

- Strengthen independent local business

- Attract new socially responsible businesses to DuPage by working to create a "green" technology corridor -- providing jobs, increasing the tax base, and producing the products and services for a sustainable 21st century

- Support increased funding for county services most needed by the elderly, disabled and working poor.

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DuPage County is definitely an interesting place to be a Green.

A couple months ago, the IL state legislature passed a bill that tripled the number of signatures candidates have to collect for DuPage County only. Basically, this bill is targeting Bill Edgar, because nobody else outside the corporate duopoloy is running in DuPage.

It just goes to show you the lengths the corporate parties will go to stop even ONE CANDIDATE.

And they have good reason to be scared. We're wrapping up our petitioning right now for a lot of candidates...I'm working on the Steve Alesch for Congress campaign, which covers parts of DuPage. We're getting more and more people who are actually eager to sign, telling us they're fed up with the two parties and that they're happy that some of these races will be seriously contested for a change.
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