Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wondering if I should re-name the blog

With all the stories I've been doing on the possibility of Cynthia McKinney seeking our nomination, maybe "McKinney News and opinion" would be better, eh?

Anyway, here are a few new stories about Cynthia McKinney's possible run for our nomination:

Mike Roberts at WMGT has written a piece which seems to depend heavily on John Morton of CA for information.

The SF Gate has run the same basic article from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Finally, I kinda hate to even link to, but it's the biggest site covering the prospects of her run at this time. MSNBC has a story, and two full pages of comments, most vicious and vile and racist...all approved by MSNBC before posting I'll I did my duty and wrote a reply...not as yet approved...perhaps I used words too big for their narrow minded readers...who knows?" Anyway, why not go check the site out yourself and add your perspective to the debate.
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