Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Steven Colbert to run for Prez in South Carolina? NOT!

It's so funny to see the Gravy Train media falling all over themselves to condemn..or praise...Steven Colbert for announcing that he's going to enter the Democratic and Republican Presidential Primary.

Only one problem...the Democratic and Republican parties in South Carolina provide the Elections Commission a list of candidates to put on the ballot. There is NO OTHER WAY to get on the ballot in South Carolina in the Democratic or Republican primaries. I can't get on their ballot without their assent, and neither can Steven.

So, Colbert Nation, take a clue from a Green and give up on this Quixotic endeavor.

BUT...with NINE ballot qualified political parties in South Carolina, it is possible that he could make the November ballot with one of them.

Let's see...Green, Libertarian, United Citizens, Working Families, Labor, Constitution or Independence parties...or should he help the Southern Party get on the ballot, giving us a round number of 10 political parties?

At any rate, Steven, if you're reading this, I would make an awesome guest for the show, and would do you proud as I explained to America how neither the Democrats nor the Republicans want someone like him in "their" primary. Shoot, I'll even wear a wig and put my false teeth in, which I almost never do after 5 PM!
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