Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Cynthia McKinney update

First of all, here's a website you should take a look at. RunCynthiaRun.com

Secondly, Wes Rolley of California has posted some important details of Rep. McKinney's visit to CA and her apparent plan to run as a Green for Prez. Those details are at Green Commons.

The bottom line seems to be that she has plans to relocate to CA and has her Green Party registration in hand.

I am certain that Democrats will be falling all over each other trying to find ways to convince her to "behave" and "be responsible", but somehow I believe she understands that it is our nation's current batch of leaders who are misbehaving and being irresponsible.

The national debt alone is cause enough to toss almost the entire crew onto the "ash heap of history".

Let's get it started!
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