Saturday, October 06, 2007

Fog City Journal says McKinney is running

I'll be honest here, I am confused as hell. Why send a message to the national party saying that you are not interested, and then appear to be interested? Of course, I have never operated at Rep. McKinney's level, so I am 100% certain that I can't understand all the ins and outs of her decision making process.'s what seems to be the latest. She's running. Maybe.

In the article, the Fog City Journal reports that McKinney refused to deny or confirm that she has changed her registration to Green. I'm not sure how that could be since there is no state recognized Green Party in GA I believe, and she changed her registration to "declined to state" or something similar from democrat recently.

At any rate, I am excited at the prospect of her running, and have written her to ask her to run. I hope she does so, and I hope she announces soon so we can begin to use her skills to build the party in hopes of creating a better future for us all.
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To be honest McKinney was my favorite among the initial possibilities.

But now it looks like she is doing the same thing Nader does..."maybe I'll run", go to some events, "well maybe I won't run", get recruited, "I might run, but don't count on it".

If she runs, great, I'll be thrilled. But until she announces and makes the commitment, I am looking at those people who HAVE committed. People who want the nomination. People who won't play games during a period that is important in our efforts to attract support for next year and beyond...

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