Thursday, October 04, 2007

Off again, on again?

While I posted here and at Green Commons that Cynthia McKinney had rejected the proposal that she run for President as a Green based on what was at the site "", today I found that she has apparently not moved entirely away from seeking the party's nod. This article says that she is still mulling the decision over, and is currently on a "California Greens to Draft McKinney" tour of that state.

I sure would like to see us at least have the opportunity to grow that a run by a person of substantial note can give us. Personally, I am on a three year plan to seize control of my county and town government...then I'll support a Green for President and perhaps get an appointment, eh? Do you have to be a lawyer to be Attorney General? If you do, I'll just take a seat on the Supreme Court. Not only do you not have to be a lawyer, you don't even have to pretend to be fair! It's a LIFETIME appointment.
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