Thursday, August 23, 2007

Apology as well, for I was wrong

I have said that I had no evidence that Proposal 218 had passed. The national party website does not disclose the results of the proposal vote, but a review of the national party mailing list brought these results:
Voting for the following proposal is now closed. Here are the results:

Proposal ID: 218
Proposal: Resolution To Pose Challenge To Two-Party System
Floor Manager: Rebecca Rotzler, rebelrot at
Discussion: 04/03/2006 - 04/16/2006
Voting: 04/17/2006 - 04/23/2006

Result: Adopted

86 Total Votes Received from 38 States/Caucuses
Presens Quorum: 32 0.6666 of 48 Accredited States/Caucuses
Consens Quorum: 40 A Majority of 78 Yes and No Votes

Yes: 63
No: 15
Abstain: 8

Yes: Rob Collins - Alabama
Yes: Claudia Ellquist - Arizona
Yes: Andrew Spencer - Arizona
Yes: Donna Werley - Arkansas
Yes: Anita Wessling - Arkansas
Yes: Jan Arnold - California
Yes: Peter Camejo - California
Yes: Budd Dickinson - California
Yes: Sanda Everette - California
Yes: Forrest Hill - California
Yes: Fred Hosea - California
Yes: Kent Mesplay - California
Yes: Nanette Pratini - California
Yes: Michael Rubin - California
Yes: Donna Warren - California
Yes: Cat Woods - California
Yes: Dave Chandler - Colorado
Yes: Bruce Meyer - Colorado
No: David McCorquodale - Delaware
Yes: Dean Myerson - District of Columbia
Yes: Nikolas Schiller - District of Columbia
Yes: Cara L. Campbell - Florida
Yes: Gary Hecker - Florida
Yes: Sarah (echo) Steiner - Florida
Yes: Claire Mortimer - Hawaii
Yes: Robert McMinn - Idaho
Yes: Phil Huckelberry - Illinois
No: Marc Sanson - Illinois
Yes: Jennifer Walling - Illinois
No: Jim Coplen - Indiana
No: Jeff Sutter - Indiana
No: Daryl Northrop - Iowa
No: Larry Orr - Iowa
Abstain: Paul Krumm - Kansas
No: Morgen D'Arc - Maine
No: Heather E. Betsy Garrold - Maine
Yes: Steve Kramer - Maryland
Yes: Virginia Rodino - Maryland
Yes: Owen Broadhurst - Massachusetts
Yes: Jamie McLaughlin - Massachusetts
Yes: Matthew Abel - Michigan
Yes: Linda Manning Myatt - Michigan
Yes: Louis Novak - Michigan
Yes: Karen Shelley - Michigan
Yes: Eric Makela - Minnesota
Yes: Kristen Olson - Minnesota
Yes: Victor Fleitas - Mississippi
Yes: Gwendolyn Wages - Mississippi
Abstain: Dee Berry - Missouri
No: Ben Kjelshus - Missouri
Yes: Tom McCormick - Nebraska
Yes: Paul Etxeberri - Nevada
Yes: Elizabeth Arnone - New Jersey
Yes: Mike Spector - New Jersey
No: Francine Cronshaw - New Mexico
Yes: Mato Ska - New Mexico
Yes: Howie Hawkins - New York
Yes: Margaret Human - New York
No: Jason Nabewaniec - New York
Yes: Roger Snyder - New York
Yes: Paul Dumochelle - Ohio
Yes: Laura Hampton - Ohio
Yes: Logan Martinez - Ohio
Yes: Joni LeViness - Oklahoma
Abstain: Marnie Glickman - Oregon
Abstain: Paul Loney - Oregon
Yes: Guy Anthony - Pennsylvania
Yes: Traci Confer - Pennsylvania
Yes: Jonah McAllister-Erickson - Pennsylvania
No: Mike Rosenberg - Pennsylvania
Yes: Diane White - Pennsylvania
Abstain: James DeBoer - Rhode Island
No: Greg Gerritt - Rhode Island
No: Howard Switzer - Tennessee
Abstain: Rachel Clary - Texas
Yes: Bill Holloway - Texas
Abstain: David Pollard - Texas
No: Thomas King - Utah
Yes: Elisabeth Luntz - Utah
Yes: James Leas - Vermont
Yes: George Plumb - Vermont
Yes: Kirit Mookerjee - Virginia
Yes: Aram Falsafi - Washington
Abstain: Jody Grage Haug - Washington
Yes: Jill Bussiere - Wisconsin
Yes: Jeff Peterson - Wisconsin

Full proposal details and results are online at:

The proposal did in fact pass and I was totally wrong to have said otherwise.
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What planet are these folks on? I doubt if they can mount a credible operation (out of the single digits) in even one state. I suppose if you can't get anyone elected locally you need something to do. My suggestion is they should all look around the country to see where Greens have a chance to win in a local election and donate to it. That would be the most effective thing they can do.
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