Monday, August 20, 2007

Lewis Carroll, eat my dust

The Green Queen was taking tea and discussing all sorts of serious things. Phil the Wordsmith was listening carefully as were people from the Land of Write-Ins, but Gregg the Ignorant was bored yet again.

"We must make it clear that we are a political party."

"Sure, but how?"

"We'll pass a resolution!"

Hearing this, the people from the Land of Write-ins jumped to their feet and ran around, shouting "Pass a Resolution! Pass a Resolution!" They went to the Lands of Conflicting Tribes and the Lands of Success and invited them to join in, shouting all along, "Pass a Resolution!"

Ultimately ten different Lands and their members were running around shouting "Pass a Resolution!"

What did the resolution say? It said "We will run." We will run. The Ten Lands were asking the rest of the Lands to agree that they would all do their best to get a candidate for President on the ballot everywhere, and would do all they can to help that candidate succeed.

And one of the representatives from one of the Lands of the Write-ins said that they would need $100,000 to get on the ballot. Based on that estimate, one of the other Lands of the Write-ins will cost over $160,000.

And Gregg the Ignorant asked "How can we promise to do all this if we don't even have chapters in several Lands, the Big Budget has not been written, and the Big Checks are not coming in as fast as we would need?"

"Don't say another word!" said the Green Queen. "Your observations have no power here!"

Quivering in his ignorance, Gregg asked "But, you say that this Resolution is based on Proposal 218, which you say was passed by the Lands, but I find no record of a vote.

But, a few minutes passed and Phil the Wordsmith presented a new and improved Resolution that changed almost nothing. Phil the Wordsmith was especially proud of being able to change the Resolution without actually changing anything.

So, Gregg the Ignorant just decided to prop his feet up, whittle hisself a bit on his whittlin stick and thinkin 'bout....
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Bry the builder said in reply:

Fear not those who live in the land of write-ins. We in the land of success have planted many acorns, and as these acorns take root sprigs will appear from the earth.

Many of these sprigs, because of small budgets, may suffer, wither, and die for this and the next four year cycle, but the roots will survive and spread across all the lands.

As each sprig becomes a plant, each plant a tree, soon there will be acorns falling in all the lands, so that they may all enjoy the benefits of the mighty oaks, and the mightier roots...

I just had to respond on this one ;-)
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