Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thinking about how I do this blog

I am beginning to think that I have lost focus on what is important in the green philosophy, and is reflected in decentralization as one of the Ten Key Values.

By focusing on what the national Green Party is doing, from press releases to Green National Committee, goings-on to who may or may not run for President, I am spending way too much time on things I am likely to be able to exert little influence over. In short, I am coming to the opinion that national level Green Politics is a waste of my time.

Instead, I think that covering local Green chapters and candidates will both allow me to spend less time...the Green National Committee email list is literally over a dozen emails a day, some several pages long...and more time on other things.

Specifically, I hope to take much of the time I spend here and invest it instead in writing a series of websites covering York County news. In addition, I am helping plan the York County (SC) Greens first foray into elective partisan politics. Finally, I am running this Saturday for my state's Green Party steering committee. Bry, who reads and comments here and keeps his own fine blog right here, is running for a seat as well. I hope that much of the work we are hoping to do in York County will help Greens in the rest of the state to get excited and active.

In short, I believe that this blog must become a much more infrequently posted to blog so I can concentrate on local and state Green activism, but I will cross post most of the stuff I find, and will discuss Green Party news, and my opinions, but from a local instead of national perspective. The local news I cover, and opinions I may offer, may concern York County, SC, or York County, PA. Washington DC or Madison, GA.

I hope some of you will hang out and see if you don't still find worthwhile stuff here...
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i applaud your change of focus to more local green activities. I also agree that what is going on at the national level is increasingly irrelevant. I'm afraid to say we may be seeing a rehash of the 2004 fiasco in the making, though I hope that won't happen. Please keep us informed on what you're up to in York County.

Go we go!
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