Saturday, July 28, 2007

Republican turned Green returns to the fold

In an earlier post I mentioned that Clair Saylor of Somerset County, PA had decided to run for county council as a Green, even though he had served as chair of his local Republican Party for some time.

Well, it seems that he made a slight error in seeking to run as a Green. Because the PA Greens did not reach the required vote in recent elections, they have been "demoted" to "unofficial party", and as such, Mr. Saylor was unable to secure a place on the ballot simply by filing for the office.

I believe this is a mixed blessing. While it's true that Saylor was looking to use the Green Party for ballot access only, and had no real identity as a Green, it's also true that there are Republicans who might find a comfortable home in the Green Party.

And the Greens not having ballot access in PA simply sucks.

The details of Mr. Saylor's aborted bid can be found at The Daily American
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Oh yeah...not having access in PA sucks...maybe that can change between now and Novemeber '08...but I have to admit that this story does give me a little "warm fuzzy" feeling that sometimes justice prevails...even when you don't fight for it...

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