Friday, July 27, 2007

Black Caucus back in business

While I am no big fan of identity politics, if we are going to have identity caucuses, they must be expected to meet certain criteria to remain "official" caucuses. The Women's Caucus, for example, is not representative of enough Green women to justify it's continued existence.

Likewise the Black Caucus. Run in the recent past as some sort of tiny fiefdom for a few folks in DC, the Black Caucus seems to have had a revival of sorts. While I believe that all identity caucuses should be private and "unofficial" organizations, mine is a minority position.

That said, I believe all the caucuses we do have would benefit from looking at both the The Lavender Greens and the new Black Caucus website. The new leadership of the Black Caucus includes Cliff Thornton of CT, who ran for Governor and made an effective case against the stupid and harmful "war on drugs", as well as other profound Green Party leaders from the black community.

I'd prefer no caucuses at all, but at least the LC and now the BC seem to be on track, benefitting us all in the process.
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