Monday, July 23, 2007

Southern CA Greens call for impeachment

Personally, if the Democratic and Republican parties can't defend the Constitution, there is no value in them at all. The Congress has taken **no action** to support and defend the Constitution.

Greens and others from Huntington Beach community are calling for impeachment of Bush Co.

Greens have the backbone to do the right thing when we have precious little power while the Republicans and Democrats allow Bush, Chaney, Rove, Gonzalez et al use our nation's fundamental laws against the people without so much as a peep!

Explain to me again why I should trust the Republicans or Democrats with anything...
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I was at the Huntington Beach Impeach Rally and helped organize it. In the most conservative county in CA, there was a groundswell of ordinary people who heard an announcement on Air America radio, jumped in their car and drove down to stand on the street with Impeachment is Patriotic signs. I guarantee the founding fathers are turning in their graves at the blatant destruction of our U.S. Constitution. If not now, when? If not us, who?
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