Friday, April 13, 2007

Time for the nitty-gritty

Anyone can do what I do, and do it much better, I am sure. But I think that I am the only one trying to keep a place where most of the news from online sources about the USGP. Google and Yahoo send me notices, and I am sure there are others, but there are blogs to read to get a feelo for something others should know about while maintaining the unmderstanding that each state runs her own show.

Where I feel I serve my readers best is when I read the internal email listserves. I am subscribed to the GNC mailing list. I am an ascerbic, arrogant and assertive. I have been known to get verbally aggressive with police, but it's never gotten me into trouble.I think that we must get the entire party focused on winning everything we can over the next six years. USE the presidential race to advance **our** media pressence. Use her visit to raise money for both the state, local, national and campaign cheching accounds.

The bottom line is, if I can identify my proper role in the Green Party and exercise it with dillegence for years, I can help save the planet. It's an investment in a future world I will likely not see. It makes no sense to eat plums from Chile or fish from China when we have fish in streams and local waters we can eat, and winter fruits to enjoy. God made seasons for a reason, and we are being less than humble when we demand specific foods on our schedule.
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