Sunday, April 15, 2007

How can this be legal?

From a message to the Green National Committee from Holly Hart, National Party Secretary:

The message was that Qwest and Cingular have stopped blocking their customers' access to, thanks to the number of complaints they received from their customaers. Sprint is still blocking, Freeconference is encouraging continuing to push Sprint to change.

Holly Hart
Secretary, GPUS

OMG! A freaking phone company can keep it's customers from using WTF?? This is insane! Most all activist communities I know of use because it'!

Good lord...what else do they have the right to do to us? Can Verizon block access to websites on their phones?
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Gregg, I use conferencing all the time to avoid traveling and its impacts on both my budget and the environment.

But it may be important to remember that the telcos are probably asking the same question about what Freeconference is doing..."How can this be legal?". Seems to me they're taking advantage of a loophole in the system. And in the end, that just ends up being absorbed in higher rates for long distance and other services.

I think I'd rather pay a fair rate for a service than deal with folks in an "iffy" business.
I must confess ignorance about anything squirrelly about Whenever I have used it, I called a long distance number, listen to a brief advert, entered a pass key, and was in the call. I'm not sure how that infringes on the telco. I am happy to know more, for yes, there actually is no free lunch, and if the ad is not how they are making their living, I can understand. They should not be able to pass off their costs on others if that's what's going on.

By the same token, it seems to me that the teleco's complaint is with, not with their users who want to use their phones to.....well, to make a call.

I'd love to know more and hope you can bring back more. Could Verizon, for example, make a deal with Orbits to block Priceline on their phones?
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