Friday, March 30, 2007

De-fund the war...grow a spine already!

In a piece at the Montgomery County, MD blog, karma432 points out that the Democrats are not doing their job and rejecting funding for the illegal and immoral war on Iraq.

Guess I'm not the only Green who wonders why the Democrats can't see the time has come to bring our troops home, not just from Iraq, but from all foreign soil. There is no real justification for US troops to be in Japan, Korea, Germany, Colombia or anywhere else.
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In Korea, US troops help keep North Korean aggression in check. In Japan, we ARE their defense- our deal with Japan after WWII was to defend them, we can't exactly leave. Troops in Colombia, however, and Germany, are now unnecessary, so you are correct on those fronts. In Iraq however- we can't exactly leave. If we do, it will collapse into sectional violence almost immediately. While that will happen regardlessly (in my pessimistic opinion) we owe it to the Iraqis to train their soldiers and help them set up a basic government to create order after saddam's fall.

And we are getting out- slowly but surely more troops are coming home, its a timetable, just as Obama promised. As for Illegal, congress gave the president full authority to act in Iraq, whether they liked it or not. They have to overturn that resolution to make the war illegal.
We have bases in HUNDREDS of countries not just the 5 you named.

You cannot make the iraq "war" illegal because congress has NOT declared war since WWII, we are not and have NEVER been at war with Iraq. Congress passed a resolution giving the president authority to include military force as an option for dealing with iraq. IF necessary... NECESSARY! It was not necessary therefore the invasion and thus the occupation that continues are illegal.
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