Sunday, April 08, 2007

Got any fundraising ideas?

Phil Huckleberry of IL has sent a request for ideas on how to raise funds to the national committee. I believe this is a crucial issue if we are going to remain a force for good.

Basically, Phil wants us to send him *any* actionable idea. In other words, "kidnap Paris Hilton's dog for ransom" is not actionable, while "Sell advertising in Green Pages" *is* actionable, even if not a good idea.

Got an idea? Send it to Phil by clicking here.

The text of his request is behind the "Read more!" link.

Claudia Ellquist and I have been discussing an idea to try and get more NC involvement in fundraising. What we've come up with is really simple: The Suggestion Box.

Over the next week, if people have any ideas at all about how GPUS might be able to do more fundraising, please send them to me OFF-LIST. We'll compile the suggestions and present them as a block of suggestions without people's names attached to them.

The only rules:

* OFF-LIST! Whole idea is to generate a good list, so send them to me, not to the list!

* The Suggestion Box is open for one week, until Sunday, April 15.

* Any idea that actually makes sense - as in, it is an actionable thing, even if it seems far-fetched - makes the list. "SOCK IT TO THE RICH" might be a nice sentiment but it's not really an actionable idea, it's just a sentiment. "MAKE DELEGATES PAY $100 FOR EVERY LETTER IN THEIR LAST NAME" I would consider a fairly lousy idea, but it's _actionable_, so it will make the list.

* Nothing ridiculously long. 100 word maximum. Ideally 20 words or fewer. Idea is to present a list, not a book of essays.

* No insults!

* If in doubt as to whether something is a good idea, send it anyway.

We have no idea what suggestions will come in, but we're hoping that this approach will cause some delegates who have been sitting on undeveloped ideas and haven't been sure what to do with them to share them as is. One or two good ideas could be all it would take to really turn things around, and you might be sitting on that idea and not even realize it.

Send 'em to me (OFF-LIST!) at Don't worry if you don't get a response, I'll be out of town for a couple days at the end of the week, but will get the list put together and shared with Claudia by next Sunday, then we'll get them put together, share them back with the NC and with FundCom, see what FundCom thinks, and see if anything inspires the NC. I will send a reminder or two out this week as well.

Phil Huckelberry
Illinois Green Party
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