Monday, March 19, 2007

Writing a budget...

The Green National Committee has rejected two budgets, and has now submitted a set of instructions for budget writers who will hopefully submit a budget the entire party can get behind.

Passed by a close vote of 40 "yes" votes, 34 "no" votes, and 9 abstentions, your state's votes can be found by clicking right here.
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OK, now we have instructions. What's next? Who acts on these instructions? If you ask me this proposal was a complete waste on the National Committee's time and effort that could have been better spent actually working on a budget. We can't seen to see the forest for the trees or whatever the metaphor for misguided effort is.
My first thought when reading this headline was that there must be some "hidden agenda" someone was trying to get into the budget fight...

Then I read the resolution...ok...if you are charged with working out a budget, details from the previous year is probably a good place to start reviewing...having some projections on your income and expense is a good place to start planing...knowing priorities and relieving past debt (to any internal budgetary matter, or to any outside source) is a good place to start "fleshing out" the budget...

I don't know what scares me more...the people writing the budget without this information, or the people that think their idea of instructions for a budget makes for a novel and needed resolution...

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