Saturday, March 10, 2007

Photos from Rock Hill anti-war vigil

For the past eight weekends the York County (SC) Greens have held a peace
vigil at the corner of Eden Terrace and Oakland Avenue.

Last weekend we were up to about thirty five, due in large part to a group of students from across the Carolinas
who were in Rock Hill at the behest of the Socialist Student Union at
Winthrop University for an area student conference. I would guess that between 20 and 25 of us were those same students.

Photos, if I have done this right, are linked to below.
Here's a photo...
That's me, wearing a straw hat
The weather was warm enough for shorts.
Apparently, megaphones can be bought cheap at eBay.
The students march for peace.
Letting Exxon know...
Citgo in this shot...
A can of spray paint, a sheet, and we're go to go.
Oakland Avenue.
Lies, Lies, and MORE Lives.
Crossing at the crosswalk...
Honk for Peace is always a good phrase.
Impeach Bush, Impeach Imperialism.
We stay on the sidewalk and the grassy rise next to the sidewalk, as we have been told.
The ever-popular Peace Sign.
Trekkies for Peace?
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Impeach Cheney First!
Great Shots!!!
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