Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Proof the Greens get it!

As Democrats Clinton, Kucinich and Edwards issue position papers on health care, the Green Party calls for Single-payer health care. Neither Democrats nor Republicans are willing to step up to the plate and demand common sense when it comes to health care. Only the Green Party recognises both the value of broadly based alternative therapies and health programs and the fundamental understanding that health care must be a human right, distributed in a just fashion. The current system does not do that, and the profits that go to corporations and attorneys under the scheme in place now make it difficult for politicians they have bought and paid for to stand up against their sponsors.

Only the Green Party can straighten out the system that is rigged against patients and taxpayers, and for rich folks and the companies they own.

Click the link. The press release is well written. Here is a quote taken from the statement that makes the point so perfectly:
"Single-payer will provide quality health coverage for every American regardless of income, ability to pay, residence, age, or prior medical condition at a cost that's far less than working Americans currently pay for private coverage, while providing full choice of physician and hospital," added Dr. Battista. "That's why the Green Party supports single-payer."
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