Thursday, March 01, 2007

Report from CA retreat

In a piece at the blog California Greening, Wes writes about the retreat in Sanoma, CA.

One thing he says that I find fascinating is Wes' assertion that the Green Party website does not offer visitors enough of an empowered feel. While there is a "Take action" section, the website does not engage a visitor as effectively as does.

I believe we need to make the entire Green Party much more action oriented. A chapter that is planting a community garden is more likely to elect a candidate than a chapter that has a huge email list, and only a few people writing to it. A chapter that sues to force corporations or the government to do their job is more likely to elect a member than a chapter that passes meaningless resolutions that no one reads is. A chapter that elects actual Greens is much more likely to actually effect Green Change.

Anyway, Wes reports on Cynthia McKinney and Elaine Brown both being at the meeting. That alone would have justified a reporter or two in my mind.
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