Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Proposal 261

This proposal would endorse the Iraq War Crimes Report. Voting has been expedited for reasons I am not 100% sure of.

I am concerned because I think we need to evaluate how this sort of thing impacts our locals. In my case, I don't think endorsing a war crimes report will do anything but make us look either silly or pro-death penalty or both.

Frankly, I think that the environmental damage being done as we watch has plenty of potential for both having an impact and helping grow my local. If the Green Party takes a stand on new and improved clean water standards, that my local group can use. A report on the impact of small particle pollution on children and what local communities are doing about it is much more likely to help us find and elect candidates who will implement Green policies.

Involvement in "War Crimes Tribunals" is not worth the baggage to me.
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I have supported an impeachment hearing against Bush, his cabinet, and appointees, and continue to support such measures. However,I don't feel a War Crimes Tribunal is something that the GP-US should formally support.

Gregg...you have it right...the baggage would be backbreaking...

The reasons against voting for such a proposal, as a National organization, are too numerous to list, but if an individual wants to support this proposal that is their decision.

If a voting member feels strongly about this issue, I would urge them to consider abstention, and allow the International Community to be the ones to decide the debate on Tribunals...
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