Thursday, March 01, 2007

Humboldt County CA Greens address Representative

In an article at The Eureka Reporter, Rebecca S. Bender says that the Humboldt County Greens are calling on their federal representative to push for the immediate withdrawal of US troops from Iraq. Quoting the Greens saying "Blocking military funding would be a historic and courageous act on the part of the 110th Congress,...", the article makes it clear that these Greens won't accept less from Representative Mike Thompson.

Bender ends her piece with this quote:
"There is a growing movement across the country for peace, and to end the occupation in Iraq, of which the Green Party of Humboldt County is a part," County Council Co-Chairperson Hannah Clapsadle replied late Wednesday.

"Congressman Thompson needs to show his constituency with his actions that he opposes the occupation. There are Democrats in Congress that are taking leadership on this issue; Thompson is not. We stand by our original requests to him."

This is the sort of leadership I am interested in looking at. If I remember correctly, the Greens in that neck of the woods have had some impressive victories over the past few years. I want to know what they, and other successful Greens, have done, and how did they do it.
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