Thursday, February 22, 2007

Gorbachev a Green???

The website says he is the founder of Global Greens. What the hell???

The site linked here. Don't get me wrong. We need strong allies, and Gorbachev is a heavy weight, but is the word "Green" losing it's meaning?
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wow, just wow....
Gorby is a Panthiest...he said in a magazine article "nature is my god"...

Although the USSR Communist Party could be called anything but green, Gorby rubbed against the grain, and his personal beliefs and ideals led to extreme change in Russia, and he should be embraced for his work in the Green movement.
I think that you have hit on something here. One thing that, I believe, differentiates the Green Party from most other political parties is the spiritual aspects. Perhaps in the Libertarian Party one would find members of smaller faith communities, like Wiccans or Rastafarians, but in the Green Party these folks are not only members, but as likely as not to also be leaders in the party. There is, for example, an elected Green in New Zealand who is a Rastafarian.

Not only that, but both traditional peace churches like the Mennonites and Religious Society of Friends and mainstream Christian churches like Methodists, Roman Catholic and Unitarian/Universalists are here, and they are comfortable at the same table with Muslims, atheists, secular humanists and Bhai's. The spiritual is well represented across the board in the Green Party, so Gorby being a green in that sense certainly makes sense.

And I agree that his support should be welcome. Heck, if Bush were to actually embrace the Green Party and our Ten Key Values, I would be thrilled! Of course, doing so would require that he have himself arrested, so I'm not sure how to deal with that.

Gorbachev's true history is unknown to me. I remember Glastnos and Peroistrica (sp?) were his program, and that was for "Openness" and "Re-structuring" if I remember correctly. One of the things we all, the planet, were supposed to get as a result was a *Peace Dividend*, which never showed up because the world arms trade is so powerful and particularly in the US, Russia, China and Israel.

I am certain that my legacy will not be as important as his. ~Aw shucks grin~ But it's almost impossible to imagine reaching the pinacle of power in the Soviet Union at any point in it's existance unless at least a few of your comrades were caught up in the machine.

Damn I wish this comment feature had a spell checker!
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