Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Roosevelt University Poli Sci prof misses the mark by a LONG shot

In an article in, Professor Paul Green is quoted saying that Rich Whitney, IL Green running for Governor last year, would win only a few thousand votes. He is quoted saying "He may siphon off a couple of thousand votes, but it’s not going to mean anything," said Roosevelt University political scientist Paul Green.

So, how close was the vaunted Poli Sci Prof? Not very. Whitney secured over 361,000 votes and over 10% of the vote total.

How the hell do these sycophants keep their posts? There are other "experts" from academia quoted in the article, all of them saying that Whitney was a non-issue.

I wrote Professor Green to ask him how he got it so wrong, and to his department head as well. I doubt either will respond to my query. So few in Ivory Towers want to answer questions, much less admit they screwed up big time.

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The mainstream "pundits" are louses and so are the academics who ignore the grassroots work that many of us did. If only we had more time and if only we didn't have to devote much of our resources to the petition defense, we woulda gotten 15% or more. Heck, we had such a momentum going that even the Republicans started slinging mud at us.
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