Sunday, January 14, 2007

Blogswarm...getting the "Green" for the Greens

Those of you who are recent arrivals, welcome. The Green Party is a unique political experiment, and this blog is one Green's perspective on the Green Party. I am often very critical of the national Green Party and the national party's leadership. If you read through these pages you will read as I call the Peace Action Committee to task for not filing their Policies and Procedures, in direct violation of party policy. I also take the Green National Committee to task for allowing both the Peace Action Committee and Annual National Meeting Committee to propose their own creation. In these pages I condemn the National Women's Caucus and it's leadership for the way they handled an application by a pre-operative male to female transexual for membership.

And now I am here to ask you to participate in a blogswarm to raise money for the national party??? I can only imagine how I might react if I were in your shoes. I am reminded of a comment made by a member of my town council after hearing me at a televised debate. He said "Isn't there anything you like?"

He was truly surprised that I was raising concerns about the quality of the water in my community. He was surprised that I was pointing out that the town had built bathrooms at the park in the white community, but had only one port-a-potty at the one serving the black community. He was truly surprised to hear me say that the uncontrolled growth was destroying the basis of the soul of the entire community, turning a town with a real identity into one where the lawns run together and the animals are left with dwindling habitat. He was surprised to hear me suggest that the people deserved sidewalks and recreation and not a refurbished city hall and another baseball field for rent.

But, with all that to complain about, I still wanted to be on the town council. Why? That really didn't make sense to him. I wanted to serve the people and protect and preserve the most important features of Fort Mill. I wanted to protect the air quality and promote community and individual non-violence. I wanted the entire community to play an equal role in deciding our common destiny, not the few who exercise almost all the power.

In many ways, I am asking you to participate in this blogswarm to raise matching funds for the national Green Party for the same reasons I wanted to serve on the town council. I am concerned for my children's future. From the air they breathe to the taxes they pay to the debt they are being saddled with, the future under Democrats and Republicans is bleak indeed The Green Party, with all it's warts, blisters, and skinned knees is the last best hope for survival. Just as I want a safe and sane town for my family, I want a safe and sane planet for my grand children and future generations who may settle anywhere on the globe.

Now, a generous Green Party supporter and member has offered to give a total of $3500 to the national Green Party providing $7000 is raised to match it. To count, donations must be for $50 or more. There is someone, perhaps you, who can make a $500 pledge. Maybe someone can even go for a thousand. But even if you can only go the $50, I ask you on bended knee, and in the most sincere way I can, won't you please dig into a wallet, purse, bag, checkbook, debit card or online bank account and give so that someone else, who wants to give more, will have the chance to match what you give.

The plan is to use our blogs, e-mail lists, websites, postings, and mass communication messages of any sort to invite people who want a safe, sane and just world to learn more about the Green Party, and most importantly, to give to the national Green Party via the link below. Together we can likely wipe out this $3500 offer in a few days, and that may encourage others to give matching donations too.

The Green Party is a decentralized political party, and that alone makes us unusual if not unique. It's a philosophy and value judgment, not a strategy or tactic. As such, we may work best when we work collaboratively in a decentralized and responsible fashion. I have gotten no "permission" from anyone to do this. I have no control over the monies raised. Neither will you. Your donations will determine if this is a success, not any committee or board...just you, and the rest of us who participate.

So, won't you write something and post it somewhere. Maybe you have a "My Space" account. Post a link there. Maybe FaceBook? E-bay? Hell, wherever you have a place where you can put up a link, won't you do so? The national party, which must prosper if it's to serve us, must raise funds. If we don't do our part, who will? We are the grass roots, and we know ALL the grass roots across the nation. Let's reach out to all of them and ask them to promote this matching fundraising program.
Click here to donate and have your donation matched 1 for 2

And, for those of you who want the url itself, here it is:
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